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I'm Charles aka "Charlie"


I launched Charlie and the Bubble Factory to share the wonder and joy of bubble shows with families. My journey into the world of bubbles began long before the company's inception, as I honed the craft through over 140+ Bubble Shows with another family business.


To tell you a little about myself let’s start and say my heart lies with family. Family means everything to me. Their love and support have been my anchor through life. I am a husband, a father of a two year old son and also have an amazing dog - Hazel who is in fact my first baby. Beyond that - I'm someone who’s super passionate about sports. Whether it's cheering on my favorite teams or actively participating, you'll find me immersed in the world of sports.


With a background deeply rooted in customer service, I've spent my entire career dedicated to serving others. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant business, I learned the value of hospitality and the importance of making people feel welcome and valued. This ingrained commitment to customer satisfaction has shaped my professional journey.


Currently, I've been privileged to work with individuals with special needs for the last seven years, where I find immense fulfillment in making a positive difference in their lives. I am truly appreciative of the people I've met along my journey in this community. In addition to this meaningful work, I continue to spread joy and wonder through Bubble Shows tailored to audiences of all ages and abilities. It's a delightful experience to see faces light up with excitement as they marvel at the colors and bubbles dancing before their eyes. 


In every aspect of my life, whether it's fostering inclusivity, creating magical moments for audiences, or simply cherishing time with loved ones, I strive to bring joy, kindness, and positivity wherever I go. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.



  • Charles aka “Charlie”

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