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The Bubble Show $225: Step right up and experience the wonder of Charlie's 30-minute Bubble Show! Watch in amazement as colorful bubbles dance and sparkle, creating a truly mesmerizing experience for you and your guests. With funky cool bubbly devices and special handmade bubble nets and wands, each bubble is a unique work of art. Charlie's  captivating performance, along with the supplied music, will leave everyone AMAZED and ENTERTAINED! 

The Bubble Show + Bubble Shop 45MINS $275: After Charlie's 30-minute Bubble Show, Charlie will put out stations with special bubble juices for the kids. Kids will get to run around and play with colorful wacky Bubble wands and Bubble nets. Charlie curates a fun enjoyable musical playlist complete with all equipment.


SUPER DELUXE BUBBLES $350: THE BEST PACKAGE!!! 1 HOUR!!! Includes all of Charlies 30 minute Bubble Show, Bubble Shop for kids, Volcano (Smoky Lava) Bubbles, and the AMAZING K.I.B - KID INSIDE A BUBBLE!!! Charlie will even put the ADULTS INSIDE A BUBBLE!!!


1 HOUR - 2 HOUR Bubble Show Packages $350-$500: NO DELUXE! Bigger crowded events (Festivals, Street Fairs, Schools, Camps) Charlie will put on a spectacular Bubble Show for all guests in attendance. 

INDOOR BUBBLE SHOW (SPECIAL REQUEST) $275: Charlie's indoor 30-minute Bubble Show! Charlie will put on a Bubbletastic show for all in attendance. Smaller bubble nets will be used indoors, Kid inside a Bubble is a special for indoor shows, Smokey fog filled Volcano Bubbles kids can catch in their hands, Bubble foam and more.

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