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Bubble Show FAQS


What age group is suitable?

Charlie believes all ages will have fun and enjoyment from the bubble show experience.


Will the kids get wet?

Kids will get foam and bubble snow on hands and head, but they will not get soaked. 


How many kids can participate?

Charlie advises less than 30 for private parties, but of course we can do public events no issues. 


Will the bubble show ruin my grass?

No. Charlie uses all clean ingredients taking any leftover soap home. No mess whatsoever!


 What events does Charlie host?​

  • Birthday & Holiday Parties, 

  • Corporate Events,

  • Libraries,

  • Schools & Learning Centers,

  •  Museums & Attractions,

  • Non-Profits & Charities,

  • Religious Celebrations, 

  • HOA & Community Functions,

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs,

  • Assisted Living Facilities,

  • Parades,

  • Weddings,

  • Fairs & Festivals,

  • Grand Openings,

  • Summer Camps,

  • and More!

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